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Value of Education

May 01, 2015 sandbox admin

Through collaborative efforts we learn from each other, expanding our knowledge and advancing our nature. Does our pursuit of truth also cause a loss of innocence, which we refer to as evolutionrhetorical Knowledge is the key to our evolution. And evolution is the key to our survival as a species. Survival, whether on this planet or pushing on beyond the horizon of what we know now, into the frontier, into the Cosmos. But without the WILL & WISDOM to use knowledge acquired, it is all for not! Is this our reason, our task; knowledge acquisition, understanding what we don't know at present, exercising our will and wisdom to use that knowledge (data) and aiding the evolution of everything we will knowrhetorical

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The countries, states and other organizations that actively invest in the education of their youth, invest in our evolution. The ones that have the need to continue learning, invest in our evolution. Actively invest is the key. While hope is essential for our future, hope in itself is not a strategy or a good plan of action. Actively invest and pass that need to learn, to explore, to evolve, on to our next generation, so they may also.


May 05, 2015 sandbox admin

To make note, to record our ideas and experiences, will expand our collective knowledge and help us decide what we should continue as is and what we should change. Google has a good way to cross platform/device your ideas and notes, google keep. And Github is a good distributed version control platform for sharing your ideas and a method for collaborative evolution of those ideas using IPython.

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The goal of higher education should not be to repeat only the ideas of others, but to build on those and create your own, formulate from a higher level.


1879-1955 Albert Einstein - 'the later years' 1950

"When I examine myself and my methods of thought I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing positive knowledge."

rational thought / intuitive thought; building blocks / accessing the imagination; without imagination nothing moves forward; without rational thought, we may not be able to mold our new ideas into the existing world.

The intuitions of the great minds of our time and throughout our history can only be understood if our own minds are open to this idea of intuition. Our intuition parallels our everyday experences.