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Happy Birthday, Professor Hawking

January 8, 1942 to March 14, 2018, You fought the good fight.

Physics - Laws of Nature

May 01, 2015 sandbox admin

The Laws of Physics (some, more so guidelines) are subject to and inevitably due to change. As we learn more about our existence, we also learn more about how it all works together and thus the need to tweak our laws of Physics will demand our attention. One of the coolest things about Physics and science in general is that it is designed to be changeable, even the constants we understand today. Once we think we know everything, thinking and learning stop, prejudice and hypocrisy sets in.

"tango delta nominal" - We have landed securely. So where do we go from hereeverywhere Everywhere! Science is a celebration of uncertainty, a process of exploration and discovery.

Science must be objective, free from prejudice. To prove yourself wrong, should be a good day. Progress has been made on a good day. Science is both a body of knowledge and a process. Physics is the pursuit of knowledge, identifying how the universe works, following a systematic methodology based on evidence that will either support or repute the ideas of a hypothesis or even a well-established, well accepted theory. For these ideas and predictions must be testable and falsifiable.


1879-1955 Albert Einstein

"One reason why mathematics enjoys special esteem, above all other sciences, is that its propositions are absolutely certain and indisputable, ... How can it be that mathematics, being after all a product of human thought which is independent of experience, is so admirably appropriate to the objects of reality."   Of the biggest questions in science, math should make the top three...

  • What is consciousness
  • How did life begin and why
  • Why does the universe appear to follow mathematical laws

"Pure mathematics is, in its way, the poetry of logical ideas." And for the students, young and old, struggling with those long equations, take heart, Einstein also stated, "Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater." Now, don't you feel betterrhetorical

Python and SageMath

Dec 23, 2017 sandbox admin
Open Source Solutions for Mathematical Software and High-level Programming
Instructions for installation & use (win7, 8.1 & 10, mac & linux)

SageMath is our open source solution for mathematical software, which is based on Python. If you think Google websites, YouTube, SageMath, CERN and MIT (and many, many more too numerous to list here) are good endorsements for an open source programming solution, then you should check out the resources below and get started building your own solutions.

    Resource links                Description
  • Python
  •  Python's website 
  • PyCharm
  •  Edu Teaching IDE
  • Codecademy
  •  Learn Python       
  • SageCloud
  •  SageMath 'Online'
  • SageMath
  •      SageMath Download

Data Storage, Access and Analysis

Cross Platform Data Access, Data Repositories, SPIDR, CMS Open Access Initiative, Kepler Public Data, the list of problems and possibilities for data sharing go on and on. The Sandbox is investigating the NoSQL, no DBA options at AWS for future data storage and access, to ready for the data explosion to follow the quantum computing revolution. We see NoSQL as the possible solution to data storage and access on a private level that would not require existing big data solution costs and resources. The up and coming for 2016: Data Science and IoT. Familiarize yourself with IoT and learn all you can about Data Science to stay in front of the data acquisition, storage, access and analysis wave.

Ready your own private data stores for the petabytes and (sooner than you may think), zettabytes of data streams to come and conserve data storage by consolidating when possible, not just in data duplication, but also coding duplication, like using the mobile device adaptation code below. Write once to format all platforms and resolutions when possible.

@viewport { width: 980px auto; /* width: 100%; */ /* width: device-width; */ min-zoom: 0.25; max-zoom: 5; orientation: landscape; }

The above code, is for mobile device adaptation using css between the tags or linked stylesheet.  CSS Device Adaptation - @viewport CSS